Print Panda's Commitment to Support Dogs: A Charitable Collaboration

Print Panda's Commitment to Support Dogs: A Charitable Collaboration

Here at we are thrilled to announce our partnership with the charity Support Dogs. This collaboration underscores our dedication to giving back to the community in meaningful ways. By pledging up to 50% of the sales of our products, we aim to empower and enhance the lives of those assisted by Support Dogs.

What is Support Dogs?

Support Dogs is a UK-based charity dedicated to transforming the lives of people with medical conditions through the training and provision of specialist service dogs. These dogs are trained to assist individuals with epilepsy, autism, and physical disabilities, offering them greater independence and quality of life.

Print Panda’s Role in Supporting Support Dogs

Print Panda is thrilled to support such a great cause. Our commitment involves a substantial donation of up to 50% of our sales, illustrating our foundational values of empathy, community, and corporate responsibility.

How Donations Work

Every purchase you make with Print Panda not only brings you quality products but also contributes to a life-changing cause. A portion of every sale is directly allocated to Support Dogs, enabling them to continue their vital work. Simply click on the following link so we can track sales and donate to Support Dogs

Any future purchase you make will be attributed to Support Dogs and help support this great charity.

The Impact of Your Purchases

Each contribution helps in the training and support of these specialized service dogs. This support extends beyond the dogs—it reaches families and individuals who benefit from their assistance every day.

Stories of Change: Testimonials from Support Dogs

Hearing from those directly impacted by Support Dogs through our contributions provides the most poignant testament to the value of this partnership. Here are a few stories from individuals whose lives have been transformed by this support.

Case Study: Emily and Max

Emily, a recipient of a Support Dog named Max, shares, "Max has given me a new lease on life. Thanks to the support from donors, he was trained to help with my condition, making every day a bit easier and safer."

Why Support Dogs Deserves Your Support

Support Dogs not only provides trained service dogs but also ensures ongoing support for these pairs, making a lasting impact in their communities. Supporting this charity means contributing to a sustainable model of aid that keeps on giving.

The Future of Our Partnership

Looking ahead, Print Panda is committed to not only maintaining but also expanding our support for Support Dogs. We see this partnership as a core component of our business model and a critical way of giving back to our community.

How You Can Get Involved

There are several ways you can contribute to this cause through Print Panda. Purchasing our products is just one avenue; spreading the word and increasing awareness is equally important. Send you friends and family our link and of course save our page as every purchase you make helps Support Dogs.

Print Panda’s Pledge

Our pledge is straightforward: to continue supporting the incredible work of Support Dogs as long as there is a need. This is not just a corporate promise, but a personal commitment from every member of our team.

FAQs About Our Support for Support Dogs

How much of my purchase goes to Support Dogs? Up to 50% of the sales from our products go directly to supporting Support Dogs.

What types of products are included in this initiative? Our entire range is included, from personalized prints to Photo Books.

Can I contribute directly to Support Dogs? Yes, direct donations can also be made through their website if you prefer to contribute independently.

How are the dogs trained? Support Dogs are trained by professional trainers over many months to meet specific needs of individuals with disabilities.

Conclusion: Join Us in Supporting a Worthy Cause

Through our partnership with Support Dogs, Print Panda invites you to join us in making a difference. Whether through a purchase or a direct donation, your support helps us continue to provide vital assistance to those in need. Let’s work together to support this noble cause and create a community of care and support.